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Sunday, June 26, 2011

This Week On Mulberry St...

First, a new name and a new layout! Head on over to the about pages to find out more.

This week I'll be reviewing Debris by Jo Anderton. I'm really excited for it, I think the book has great potential. Here's a little blurb from the publisher, courtesy of goodreads.com;

In a far future where technology is all but indistinguishable from magic, Tanyana is one of the elite.

She can control pions, the building blocks of matter, shaping them into new forms using ritual gestures and techniques. The rewards are great, and she is one of most highly regarded people in the city. But that was before the “accident”.

Stripped of her powers, bound inside a bizarre powersuit, she finds herself cast down to the very lowest level of society. Powerless, penniless and scarred, Tanyana must adjust to a new life collecting “debris”, the stuff left behind by pions. But as she tries to find who has done all of this to her, she also starts to realize that debris is more important than anyone could guess.

Debris is a stunning new piece of Science Fantasy, which draws in themes from Japanese manga, and classic Western SF and Fantasy to create this unique, engrossing debut from the very exciting young author Jo Anderton.

That will be posted next Saturday. Until then, I'll have something for you. I just need to figure out what that will be first. Have a great week, everybody!


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