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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Post Title Here

So I'm renaming the blog. But I don't have a name yet. So until I have a name, it will remain Blog Name Here.

I'm in a reading slump. I spent the last month and a half researching books to read, things to write about, creating blogs for reviews, and so on and so forth. Now I think I've reached the stagnant point of all that, where I realize I still want to do all of that, but it's not all I've got it cracked up to be. It takes work and time and I already work and it takes most of my time. When I'm home, I'm lazy. I'd rather spend hours watching mindless Lifetime dramas (laugh, go ahead. it's ok. I laugh at myself) than reading a book that makes me think and wonder. However, it will be done. Eventually.

I got my first approved galley today. I'm super stoked, and I'll probably end up reading and reviewing that book before I finish Last Dragon. Also, I read Bumped. I even spent money for it, I thought it had potential as a satirical book. I hated it. I'll explain why in a soon-to-be review.

Lastly, I know the blog isn't even a month old and there's probably no one who cares, but it's getting a major revamp. Soon.

I just wanted to post an update before everyone thought I disappeared.

So, in short, reading is hard, galleys are awesome, and work sucks.


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