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Sunday, July 3, 2011

This Week On Mulberry St...

Good Sunday morning to you! It's supposed to be a lovely day where I'm at, hopefully that's the case for you.

Yes, its another new layout. The last one didn't have an option to see older posts except by way of archive, and that annoyed me. Also, it was much too dark.

This week, I'm reviewing Last Dragon by J.M. McDermott. Here's a quick little synopsis;

An intricate web of stories weave together to tell a tale of revenge, justice, ambition, and power. Zhan has been sent to find her grandfather, a man accused of killing not only Zhan's family, but every man, woman, and child in their village. What she finds is a monstrous shell of a man, a city of angry secrets, a family dissolved by ambition, and a web of deceit that will test the very foundations of a world she thought she understood.

A tale of revenge that grows into something more, Last Dragon is a literary fantasy novel in the tradition of Gene Wolf and Gabriel Garcia Marquez. J.M. McDermott brings the fantasy genre to new literary heights with a remarkable first novel that will leave critics and readers alike in stunned awe.

I'm currently in the process of finishing up the novel, I'm really excited to share it with you this week.

In other news, yet another YA book series has been turned into an ABC Family "Original Series". First Pretty Little Liars, now Nine Lives of Chloe King. Has anybody seen it? Any opinions on the show? I haven't read the book, but the show is frustrated and slow, as far as I've seen. Every episode is the same, and it's too angsty for me. Maybe it gets better?

In other other news, HBO's Game of Thrones has popularized the novels so much that I almost fear buying them (I so hate following the crowed, you know). I hear good things from all the customers I've rung up. Any thoughts on that?

What's up with the whole book-into-movie-or-tv-show craze, anyway? It's making me crazy. Not that I don't enjoy seeing my favorite characters up on the big screen, but I do like an original story now and again. If the author did a good enough job writing the book in the first place, the movie is just a bonus. Most of the time the story gets changed anyway, so that's just a bit annoying.

That's it for Mulberry St. this week. Have a great Sunday!


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